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Social Media Strategy

We start with understanding exactly what you want to achieve. For some clients it’s sales, or leads for others it’s awareness or a change in perception. The important point is we take the time to listen and understand exactly what you want as an outcome. We then build a strategy to deliver on this outcome.

We start with a Big Idea. An idea that underpins what you want to say. It creates a reason for your audience to come to you, to choose you. We understand who your audience is and where they are on social media. We engage with them on the platforms they’re on and in a way and time that is most relevant to them. We make you a part of the discussion, not someone on the edge of it. This approach gives you the best chance of creating ‘behaviour change’.

Our team of content creators know both what your audience needs to see and the things you want to say. We love creating content that draws your audience closer to you, allows them to engage with you, get closer to you and build a relationship with you.

Content Creation 

When selecting social media platforms for you we’re looking at the ones that contain your audience. We then build the right ones for you and we make sure they are optimised to ensure they perform. Our platforms include:


Phone Apps








Building + Activating your social platforms

Each social media platform requires a different approach to building an audience. Building an audience that is real and will respond to your content takes time and an authentic approach. We know how to do this the right way for each of your platforms.

Audience Growth

Our SEO + SEM programs ensure you’re found for the things your audience is looking for. It also helps us make sure that your content across your platforms will appear in search ahead of those you compete with.


Our advertising team focuses on building ‘social advertising programs’ that drives measurable results for you. These results vary from client to client. For some we are delivering an actual sale for others it’s a lead that allows you to convert it into a sale. And, for other clients the result they’re looking for may be an increase in awareness or a change in perception.

We have created our YelloAdvertisingModel to ensure that you receive the best return for the money that you invest in advertising.


A great advert, an effective advert must always start with an idea, a strong idea, a clear idea. An idea that makes it easy for your audience to choose you over those you compete with. A great idea can underpin a whole campaign and live for quite some time. We have a measurement tool called YelloIdeaScore that shows you how strong your idea is relative to those you compete with. We keep working on your idea until it’s high enough to be effective.


We then take your Idea and turn this into creative that your audience will connect with. Our creative is focused on cutting through the noise and quickly creating engagement and most importantly an action through a change in behaviour.


Social advertising a huge amount of choice in where we place your advertising. We use two variables to determine placement. The first is where are your audience in regards to each social platform and second is which platform is best for the idea you’re trying to communicate.


We use a Control and Test approach which allows us to continually test variables within each advertisment and optimise your program.


We connect your brand with Social Influencers to increase your followers, create awareness and drive their audience to your social pages and website.

The use of influencers has become popular and effective when managed correctly. It allows you to talk to a completely new audience set and if the relationship between your brand and the influencer is authentic and real then the results you can achieve are quite impressive.


There are discussions taking place online every day about you, your brand and what you do. We are watching your social platforms everyday and we manage the interactions between your brand and your audience. We are looking to take advantage of the opportunities through these discussions and therefore offer a solution. This should be viewed as an extension of your customer service.

Community management

Have you ever wanted to know what people are saying about you, your products, your services. Or when people are discussing topics that you’re interested in. We have the ability to know when this is happening and we can help you turn these into great opportunities for you.

Social Listening & Analytics

If you have a plan in place before the ‘shit hits the fan’ you have an excellent chance of turning this into an opportunity to show just how much you ‘service’ your audience. Without this plan in place, you’ll feel bruised and your audience will lose faith in you. Not to mention your bottom line.

Crisis Planning