paul greening

Sales: Recruitment Assignments up by 30%

Followers: from 2,200 to 30,000

Engagement: Increased social engagement 200 fold


Paul Greening is specialist recruitment agency with a focus on Asia Pacific, Europe and the West Coast of the USA.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to help Paul Greening use social media to build his brand and deliver recruitment assignments directly from social media.

The Solution

We approached this in 3 ways. First, we created content that established Paul Greening as an expert within the specialist recruitment space. Next we built an audience for Paul Greening across their social media platforms. And then we delivered this content to their audience in a consistent and meaningful way.

Services Used

Content Creation

Community Management


The Results

We have increased their Recruitment Assignments by more than 30% each year for the past 5 years. We have increased the people that follow Paul Greening from 2,200 to more than 30,000. We have increased social engagement 200 fold over the past 5 years.